3 ways to develop radiant self esteem

Money mindset is about so much more than just finances. It’s about taking excellent care of yourself, making healthy decisions and designing a life and business that you love.

Charging well for your time, setting clear and exciting goals and maintaining healthy boundaries are actually all acts of self care and self love when we really look at them.

The way you think about yourself affects everything in your life from the opportunities that you notice to the way you respond to challenges. and the offers that you make in your business.

When you have radiant self esteem, you take action on your goals, you create the changes that you want for yourself and most importantly, you don’t let set backs or challenges stop you, you use them as fuel to pull you forward.

If you chose to have radiant self esteem right now, how would you show up in your life?

Here are 3 ways to develop radiant self esteem:

Keep your micro agreements

If a friend regularly cancelled on you, didn’t do what they said they were going to do or made a little effort and then stopped, how would you feel about your relationship with them?

Every time you say you’ll do something and then don’t, you’re lessening your trust in yourself which in turn can lessen feelings of self confidence and self esteem.

Make a commitment from this moment on, to keep agreements that you make with yourself and focus on building trust and self belief.

Manage your self talk

In MMS Private coaching, we emphasise the importance of cultivating loving and empowering self talk and how crucial it is on your journey to success.

Are you talking to yourself in the same way that you would speak to someone you loved and adored? Someone that you wanted to encourage and inspire?

The most important voice in your life is the voice that you speak to yourself with, the voice in your own mind.

Speak to yourself in a loving and encouraging way, praise yourself heavily, celebrate your wins, create affirmations and “i AM…” statements that empower you and move you forward.

Here are two coaching questions to support you with cultivating loving self talk:

What do I need to hear right now? – Go to the mirror and say it to yourself as many times as you need to

Is the way I am talking to myself right now loving and encouraging?

Develop loving habits

You’ve probably read or heard the idea that we respond to how people make us feel around them, it’s even more true with yourself.

Creating radiant self esteem and self worth isn’t a mysterious process at all, it’s about the way you treat yourself and just like any other relationship in your life, it needs to be worked on and maintained in order to be in a healthy place. So let’s start right now.

Raising your fees, setting goals and maintaining healthy boundaries are actually acts of self love nd slef respect

How is the way you’re treating yourself making you feel? What habits can you start to schedule in to deepen your self esteem?

Here’s a podcast episode to support you with creating radiant self esteem:

Episode #158- How to create radiant self esteem

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