How to stop feeling guilty about money

What comes up for you when you read these statements?

I deserve to be very well paid for my work

I love enjoying the money I make

It is safe for me to create wealth

I am comfortable raising my prices & maintaining my boundaries

Perhaps you felt in alignment with those statements or perhaps they bring up some feelings that we can coach on a little bit here (to discuss private coaching packages for your money mindset and business goals, please fill out this form)

If you believe that you don’t deserve to enjoy wealth or it isn’t safe for you to be successful, then you will most likely find ways to sabotage your own efforts.

This is often to do with feelings of guilt around having and enjoying money.

Perhaps you think rich people are bad, people won’t like you, if you enjoy it too much it will be taken away or it isn’t fair to enjoy wealth when others can’t… etc etc.

Here are just some of the ways that money guilt can manifest itself in your life:

  • Using apologetic money language (saying things like “sorry, I need to invoice you for this” or “I hope you don’t mind me sending over a contract?”)
  • Undercharging
  • Not maintaining your boundaries because you don’t want to offend someone or “be in trouble”
  • Giving money away / paying for other people too much
  • Feeling a sense of shame around things that you feel make you look “rich”
  • Not letting yourself enjoy your money.

Money guilt can keep you from raising your fees, maintaining your boundaries with clients and most importantly, enjoying the wealth that you create

Here are 3 steps to releasing money guilt so you can create and enjoy wealth that is meaningful for you:

Create an I am statement that empowers you, something like “It is safe for me to have money, I allow myself to enjoy wealth”

Choose a cause close to your heart and make a regular donation (you can also donate places on your programs or gift products- just make sure to put a boundary around it)

Understand that you creating and enjoying wealth is a fabulous example to others and can inspire them to do the same.

Here’s a money mindset coaching question for you: If I didn’t feel guilty, what would I do?

In MMS Academy, we have weekly group coaching calls on money mindset and regularly cover topics like releasing money guilt, letting go of money blocks and changing your money story.

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