5 marketing ideas to keep your audience engaged

The worst thing you can do in marketing (and show business) is bore people.

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, run an agency or have a lifestyle business with a team, here are 5 marketing strategies to keep your audience engaged and interested

Expert content / how to’s

Marketing is not the time to be shy. Own your place in the market without apology and step into the space of being an expert. Every brand can put together expert content or how to style pieces that are engaging and educational for clients and potential clients to read.

Think videos, articles and social media posts.

Timely content

What’s going on in the news at the moment? What stories are dominating the headlines and catching peoples attention?

An easy and effective way to create engaging content is to link to to things that people are already talking about and interested in.

Take a look at the news, at your social media feed and inbox and start to notice what people are talking about, join in the conversation.

Seasonal content

Take a look at the calendar and look for upcoming holidays, special occasions, seasonal changes, anniversary dates, holy days and link your marketing in with those.

Special offers, discount codes or free trials are a great way to tie in seasonal events.

Success stories

Who doesn’t love a success story?! Using success stories in your marketing is a great way of showing social proof about your product or service.

The more elegantly you can show people how your product or service has helped others, the better.

Controversial content

Want to call BS on something ? Maybe you have a message that’s a little more blunt than usual or a way of saying things that gets peoples attention.

If done properly, controversial style content can be a really smart way to get your brand in the media and attract the attention of ideal clients and customers.

Think busting myths, calling trends out or sharing behind the scenes info

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