5 Things to upgrade in your business right now for more money + freedom

Two areas that we can always look at upgrading are our income and how we use our time.

Whatever an upgrade looks like for you, take this as a sign to start taking action and making the changes that are meaningful for you.

To support you, here are 5 areas to upgrade in your business right now for more money and free time.

Your money mindset

Your mindset is the most important thing you can invest in because it affects everything in your life.

Where can you expand your idea of what is possible for you ? What belief about yourself is it time to let go of? In MMS Private Coaching, we coach you to release limiting self beliefs and upgrade you vision of yourself and what is possible for you.

What would you like to be charging in 6 months time? How much would you like your monthly income to be in 12 months time?

Your boundaries

Where in your business can you upgrade your boundaries? Think about how you work with your clients and customers and where you can set and maintain more empowered boundaries for yourself.

Some example boundaries to look at can be things like: Session times, cancellation policy, payment terms, reply times etc

Your fees

When was the last time you gave yourself a pay rise? In MMS Academy, we coach and train you on the best mindset shifts and practical steps you can take to confidently charge well for your work and regularly raise your fees.


What wold you like to feel easier in your business and the way it’s run? Perhaps you could automate certain parts of the client journey or leverage work you’ve already done? Maybe you could streamline some of your back end processes to free up more of your time?

Give yourself permission to embrace ease. Let it be easy and lucrative.

Packages + offers

As you set your money goals, look at how you can upgrade your offers and packages to be in line with those. In MMS Academy, we coach you on creating different packages in your business and how to start introducing VIP / high end packages as well.

Now is a great time to start mapping out new offers and upgrading your pricing!

BONUS TIP: Your schedule + availability

Your business should work around your lifestyle, not the other way aorund.

Some ideas to start upgrading your schedule: Batch client calls on certain days, choose the times you work best and schedule your tasks around that, shorten your client sessions to suit your energy levels, decide when you are and aren’t available and let your clients and team know (you deserve down time)

How can you upgrade how you use your time?

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