5 Ways to Generate More Income From Your Business

Sit down and set clear money goals 

One of the first things I do with my private clients is help them to set clear goals for themselves and what they want in their lives. 

Rather than just having an idea of what you want in your mind, sit down and write it down, get clear. 

If you’re serious about making more money from your project or business, then spend some time sitting down and getting clear on what it is that you want and how you want it to look. 

How much do you want this project to bring you in every month? How do you want that money to come to you?

Writing down your goals is the start of achieving them. 

Create an income plan for yourself

Once you’ve gotten clear on what your goals are and what it is that you want to achieve with your project or business, it’s time to show yourself that you’re serious about it. 

One of the first sessions I do with new clients is a strategy session based on their most important goals, we go over steps they can take to achieve them and coach on solutions to issues or challenges that they feel are in the way. 

Offer support packages to your clients and customers 

One of the best strategies for creating more money in any business is to off a support package.

Let’s say you build websites on the side, an additional income stream for you would be to offer your clients a support package where you make use of other relevant skills you have, you could offer them a package where you review their about me page and offer suggestions or help them to optimize the site for more sign ups. 

The key is to think about ways you can help your clients and customers in a bigger way that’s relevant to the service you are offering or thinking of offering. 

Offer some done for you services 

Another fabulous income stream for your business is to offer done for you services to your clients and customers. 

Think about what you are currently offering your clients and how you can add in a done for you service for them as an upsell. 

Personal trainers could add in a done for you healthy shopping list, massage therapists could offer an e-book or download series on stress management

Another reason that clients love done for you services is that they speed up the results they are getting because you are helping them to do things that might otherwise take them longer to figure out how to.  

Get comfortable charging for what your time and saying no 

One of the biggest blockages to creating more money in your life is being uncomfortable charging for your time and energy. 

The truth is, you have valuable knowledge, skills and expertise that can be extremely helpful to people who need them. 

Whatever service you offer or are thinking of offering, get comfortable charging for your time and energy and saying no to people who want freebies or don’t respect your boundaries. 

Making this mindset shift will help you to achieve your goals  a lot quicker. 

You can check out my blog on getting comfortable charging for your time here.

I have a coaching program called 33 powerful income streams for your lifestyle business that will give you mindset coaching as well as practical business advice and guidance on this. 

Joseph James is a mindset coach and business mentor based in South London and the author of over 12 books and courses including “Manifest like a Boss” and “33 powerful income streams for your lifestyle business” 

For more information on products and programs please go to www.josephjamesmentoring.com 

If you’d like to discuss private coaching on any of the strategies in this article, you can e-mail info@josephjamesmentoring.com 

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