5 ways to feel comfortable charging more for your services

One of my commitments I made when I started MMS was to combine mindset work with practical strategies.

In all MMS trainings, you get powerful mindset coaching mixed with easy to apply, practical strategies that you can start using right away in your business.

In MMS Bootcamp you’ll get immersed in some powerful mindset work to show you how to raise your fees and tonnes of practical tips and strategies you can use to support you in raising your fees and increasing your income.

In MMS Academy, you’ll dive deep into creating high end offers, multiple income streams and running your business with a high end mindset plus weekly community calls and private coaching sessions.

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So, you’ve decided to raise your fees and start charging more for your work (WELL DONE!) Here are 5 strategies that you can use to comfortably raise your rates and charge what you’re worth.

Create new and empowering money belief statements

At the beginning of my workshops or strategy days with clients, I like to spend a few moments and set the intention that the experience is powerful, meaningful and a turning point on their life and business, so let’s do the same here.

What would you mot like to change about your money mindset right now ? What comes to mind first?

Are you undercharging so that people will like you? Over delivering so that your clients think you’re “nice” or do you feel awkward talking about money?

Whatever comes up for you, flip the thought into an empowering new story.

If you consistently undercharge you could use an affirmation like “I give myself permission to charge well for my services and allow myself to be well paid”

Are you uncomfortable maintaining money boundaries (being paid on time etc) then you can use something like “It is safe for me to maintain powerful boundaries, I deserve to be paid on time and in full for my work”

What empowering new beleif can you start to cultivate?

Bonus tip: Once you’ve come up with your new belief statement, ask yourself “If this were true for me, what would I do next?:

Practice talking about money  

One of the things I love coaching my clients on is how to use empowering money language and get comfortable talking numbers. in MMS Academy, we have specific trainings to get you feeling comfortable and confident when you talk about money and doing so in a way that feels authentic for you.

If you feel awkward talking about your pricing, your potential client will pick up on that and it can create a disconnect.

The first time you quote your fees should not be with a potential client in your business so practice talking about your numbers with your team, your colleagues or someone who will hold space for you.

Get clear on what you bring to the table

You have a unique set of skills, experiences and talents that you bring to the table and you deserve to be well paid for your time and energy (without apology)

Make a list of all of the things in your life that you’ve achieved, overcome, learned, invested in, helped others through etc- those are priceless! Start with at least 30 things and add to it daily. Keep it somewhere you can see it and read it often.

This is a really powerful exercise to do because it shows you what amazing things you bring to the table.

As I often say in my workshops – The things that are normal and obvious for you can be life changing for your clients an customers when you own them and present them with confidence.

Highlight your credibility, experience and knowledge

Once you’ve gotten clear on all of the things that you bring to the table, it’s time to highlight them.

Do this in your marketing, in your social media posts, your about me page, your business discussions, introductions, website etc.

The things that might seem normal or obvious to you actually paint a powerful picture about your experience and are great for positioning.

Change your money language

I recorded a podcast last year about eliminating the word sorry from your money language. Why? Because you have nothing to apologise for and using that sort of language actually disempowers you.

Instead of saying “Sorry, I’ll need to charge for that” choose to step into more empowering language and say something like “ I can definitely help with that, here’s how to book some time with me to go over this (or whichever example is appropriate for your industry)

Any time you find yourself about to use disempowering language, pause, take a deep breath and use language that feels authentic and empowering for you.

In MMS Academy, we coach and train you on using empowering money language that feels authentic for you.

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