7 Lucrative income streams to add to your lifestyle business

Adding multiple income streams to your business is a fabulous way to increase the amount of money that your work is generating and reach your income goals much faster.

Think of it like this, having multiple ways that people can pay you means that you can make a lot more money in the same or less time that just using one income stream or way of making money.

In MMS private coaching, we get you clear on your money goals, work on releasing milting beliefs and map out a clear plan for you to start adding multiple income streams to your business.

Here are 7 ideal income streams you can start adding to your brand today:

Digital products

Ebooks, online courses, workshops, webinars & classes are a great way of supporting your clients in a deeper way and adding another income stream to your business. In MMS Academy we coach and train you on easy ways to create multiple income streams in your business and give you tonnes of examples you can use right away.

High end packages & next level offers

As you read this, there will be a portion of your client and customer base that will want to invest in a higher end package with you. A higher end package (or VIP offer) usually includes more time with you, access to higher level or more in depth materials, faster reply times, etc etc. (in MMS Academy, we train you on creating VIP offers to add to your business)


Coaching is a fabulous offer to add to your business. Coaching sessions support your clients in taking action, letting go of limiting beliefs and setting clear goals and next steps. Click here to read more about MMS Coach Training

Every business that works with people can benefit from adding coaching packages to their offers.

Done for you services

There will be some things that you can offer to your clients as a done for you service. Think about things that come every easily to you but might take your clientele a little longer to figure out or implement and package those as an additional service they can invest in to save time and speed things up.

Access to exclusive content

Specialist or higher level content is an ideal addition to offers to make them more attractive and also works as a great income stream on it’s own. You can create an exclusive library of in depth trainings and expert content that clients can invest in the speed up their results etc.

Group programs

Group programs are the ideal way to leverage your time for more money. Think about an area that your clients want help with in their lives- a change they want to make, a goal they want to achieve or a skill that they want to learn and package that into a group program. (Clients in MMS private coaching get in depth training on putting together group programs and courses)

Multiple offers

Think of having multiple offers as different ways that you can help your clients and in turn, you can increase your income. Most clients who enjoy working with you will want to take more programs with you so it makes sense to have different offers running at the same time.

In MMS Academy we coach and train you on raising your fees, setting up multiple income streams AND running your business in a way that works for you.

For extra mindset + tips about multiple income streams, check out this podcast episode:

Episode #162- 7 lucrative income streams to add to your business (mindset + tips)

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