7 ways To Take Your Lifestyle Brand To The Next Level (Mindset + Tips)

Have you decided that it’s time go take your business to the next level?

What does your next level look like for you and your business?

Where would you like your brand to be in 6 months? By this time next year?

Whatever “next level” means for you-The first step is setting the intention to do so. (In MMS Private Coaching we set clear and authentic goals that feel exciting and inspiring for you and create a clear plan to help you get there- whilst holding you accountable to coaching you to release any limiting beliefs that might be holding you back)

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Here are 7 ways to take your lifestyle brand to the next level:

Next level mindset

Everything in your business right now is the result of your thinking up until this point. To go to your next level ask yourself these two coaching questions:

What does my next level look like? (pricing, offers, income etc)

What action steps would the next level version of me be committing to?

High end packages

Introducing high end packages into your business is not only an amazing strategy to increase your income, it also enhances your positioning as well.

In MMS Academy, you get tons of coaching and training on creating high end packages.

Expert platform

Have you created an expert platform for your lifestyle brand yet?

When it comes to generating media coverage, attracting ideal clients and of course, raising your fees- nothing builds trust quite like regularly connecting to helpful content from someone that also shows off their expertise.

Raise your fees

When was the last time you gave yourself a pay rise? Take a few moments and ask yourself “ where in my business can I raise my prices?”

Raising your fees is about so much more than just the money. It’s about honouring your time and energy, valuing your work and expertise and allowing yourself to receive and enjoy more money.

For more mindset and practical tips on raising your fees, check out this podcast episode: Episode #139- Why you must raise your fees

Media coverage

Getting interviewed on websites, written about in magazines and appearing on TV are hands down some of the best ways to solidify your credibility and position you as the go to brand for your target audience.


Now more than ever, people are craving community, connection and support and nothing builds your brand like bringing people together.

You can create free communities as well as paid ones and use them to enhance the client experience and upsell multiple offers and programs.

Coaching packages

Coaching sessions are an amazing way to support your clients in getting the results that they come to you for. Powerful coaching will keep your clients “stuff” from getting in the way of their progress, keep them accountable to their goals and help them to develop new and empowering habits.

Any business can include coaching packages in their offers. For in depth mindset and training on delivering powerful coaching sessions, check out MMS Coach Training

To arrange a time to speak about the best private coaching or group training package for your goals, please fill out this form

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