How to start coaching

A lot of people have been asking me about how to make money in the current market and what it takes to get clients to say YES to working with you.

My answer? Coaching. 

Adding coaching sessions and packages to your business model is one of the best ways to charge a lot more for your services and help your clients in a much bigger way. 

Here are just some of the amazing benefits to adding coaching to your offers:

  • Coaching your clients into taking action
  • Keeping your clients accountable and moving forward
  • Powerfully supporting your clients to get unstuck
  • Coaching your clients to shift their limiting beliefs
  • Empowering your clients to get amazing results from working with you

Whether you’re brand new to coaching or have some experience and want to level up your skills, MMS Coach Training will give you the mindset and practical training to start offering coaching to your clients and customers. 

Whether you want to add coaching as an up sell or include it directly on your offers, this is the ideal time of year to start (most of your clients will want to sign up for coaching from Jan – March)

If you’d like to have a coffee & chat about MMS Coach Training and any questions you might have, choose a time that works for you here.

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