MMS coach training

Want to add coaching to your current offers or upgrade your skills as a coach AND get your coaching certification?

Due to popular demand, we will now be offering MMS Coach training with certification!

With most people working from home now, this is an IDEAL time to start offering coaching as part of your business and upgrade your skills if you already are a coach.

Here are just some of the amazing ways you can add coaching to your current offers to leverage your income and help your clients in a bigger way:

Add coaching sessions to your current offers with clients to help them implement what they’re learning and be held accountable (the demand for coaching is now higher than it’s ever been)

Add coaching questions to your readings and sessions – this will get your clients into a proactive place and deepen the work you do

Include coaching exercises and questions in workshops, classes and group sessions (people love these!)

Use coaching to support your clients doing the work so they can get RESULTS (coaching is an amazing tool for empowering your clients)

Include coaching sessions as a new client bonus or sign up incentive to re enroll current clients

Use empowered coaching questions in your meetings, sessions and readings to move your clients out of their story and into the state they want to be in (SO POWERFUL and they’ll love you for it)

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You can raise your fees and confidently charge more for your services as a certified coach

Add coaching packages as an up-sell or next steps offer to current clients

Use coaching packages or sessions as a new client incentive or to re enrol current clients

Create several new income streams in your business using coaching packages & programs (we give you tones of examples to follow as well!)

You’ll also get a CERTIFICATION to add to your website and marketing materials, reassuring your clients that you have receive excellent training and giving you the confidence you need to sign on new clients and deliver amazing sessions.

As well as helping your clients in a much bigger way, adding coaching to your business comes with amazing benefits:

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The Benefits

What's Included?

Empowered coaching toolkit

10 ways to include coaching in your current offers (audio training)

How to ask powerful coaching questions (with example questions to use so you’ll never have to wonder what to ask your client to coach them powerfully)

How to run powerful coaching sessions (you’ll love the ease and structure this gives you)

Coaching exercises to use with clients to help them get into action, stay empowered and move through challenging situations

How to coach a client who’s stuck

Handling difficult sessions

How to end your sessions on time

Maintaining healthy boundaries with your clients

How to help your clients without taking on their energy

You'll also receive: 

Here's just some of the trainings you'll receive: 

coaching business essentials kit

Example agreements to use as your own

Example coaching packages to model as your own (so you can get started right away)

My example boundaries and terms and conditions to use (including the ones you MUST include as an empowered coach)

Protecting yourself and your business training

You’ll also have the option to get certified! Once you complete the certification modules and assignments you’ll be able to use the logo and certification on your website and marketing materials!

Ready to get certified and become a powerful coach who helps their clients achieve amazing results?

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