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"Joseph's coaching sessions transformed my mindset and business, not only making it more profitable for me but also 1000 times more enjoyable as well. I highly recommend his services!

-Pamela, Santa Monica

"Joseph gives really focused brilliant advice on how to move your projects forward. Whether it's coaching re next steps or giving fierce PR strategy ideas, he is persistent in getting you moving and taking actions that make a trackable difference in your business. He is all about getting you to achieve your goals and getting your mindset right whilst being fun to work with. Using just one of his tips, I got a front-page feature on a major website in 30 minutes."

-Marysia Trembecka, Internationally touring artiste

"When I was struggling with inefficiency and feeling overwhelmed, Joseph’s coaching sessions transformed my mindset and business, not only making it more profitable for me but also 1000 times more enjoyable as well. I highly recommend his services!”

-Madame Pamita, International coach, teacher, and author

Wow! Just had a fabulous coaching call with Joseph today. Loved his insight and ideas for promoting my work. His guidance and help in setting some specific task goals and accountability is the push I need!

- Tina Nies, creator of 40-day love fest.

Joseph James is truly one of the kindest human beings I've ever met. He knows exactly what a person needs and the shortest distance to get to their goals. As one of his VIP clients, James' advice to me is always useful and he goes above and beyond to deliver what it is that I want and also anticipates my future needs. He has an uncanny ability to be both impactful while being gentle at the same time. At the beginning of this year I worked with him to build a side-practice which has generated several thousands of dollars in 2020.

- Farah Sharghi-Dolatabadi, TikTok recruiter and career coach

I recently had a coaching session with James after being a longtime listener to his podcasts. He gave me lots of food for thought and was insightful and easy to talk to. I thoroughly enjoyed our session and can’t wait for the next. I also bought one of his programmes and can’t wait to get stuck in. James gave me the virtual push I needed

- Bonnie Towe

I highly recommend Joseph to anyone needing help navigating through the trenches of starting your business. When I met him, all I had were ideas. I wasn’t making much money and I had to live with family. He helped me so much with my own fears, as well as real strategies that are brilliant and easy. I still use these strategies everyday. He was especially helpful to my relationship with money. I grew up in a household full of “lack” mentality. I have manifested all of the amazing financial opportunities I presently have. I now get paid a lot of money for doing what I love everyday. I’m so grateful to say that I am purchasing my first house on my own this year. I appreciate you always Joseph

- Blanca Hanus, Psychotherpaist & wellbeing coach

MMS coaching continues to bring out my business and personal skill set in stellar fashion. With MMS personal coaching, my mindset is now filled with confidence and awareness of my every move. Although he says I did the work, he provided the necessary knowledge and encouragement to fuel my goals into reality. MMS provides the support needed to produce smoothly, efficiently and without hesitation. My business has increased 600% since signing on with MMS. I highly encourage you to take your position in business seriously, invest in yourself with MMS, do the work, and increase your profits. Joseph works with realistic and attainable goals personalized to your vision of business success. You'll benefit professionally and personally, just as I have. You will not be disappointed, promise.

- Erin Mahoney, founder of Crooked Crows Apothecary

I got so much value out of my VIP strategy session with Joseph! He is professional and structured with his approach which is so appreciated when you have many ideas swirling around in your head! At the same time he's funny, down to earth and makes the process really comfortable and fun. I love the energy he brings and his combination of high-level mindset mixed with so much awesome strategy is amazing and really helpful. I highly recommend him for both his private coaching and online training!


Working with Joseph has shifted the way I see my business and relationship to success in a big way. I love how I can gain insight into what's going well and can be leveraged better, and at the same time get very specific guidance with my personal challenges. Success doesn't just feel possible, it feels easier and more sustainable, plus I find I am able to enjoy the process rather than being stressed out by it.




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