Give yourself a pay rise (mindset + practical tips)

Your income is a reflection of both your mindset and your sense of self.

One of the things I love coaching people on is increasing their fees and upgrading the way they see themselves and their business.

Whether you’re brand new or have been in business for a while, embracing the mindset of charging well for your services and regularly giving yourself a pay rise is one of the best way to reach your money goals.

Take a moment with me now and think about your current income level and how much you’re charging for your services.

When was the last time you gave yourself a pay rise?

Where in your business would you like to raise your fees and charge more (you’ve probably already thought about this a few times)

What would you need to believe about yourself to confidently raise your fees?

You deserve to be well paid for your time and energy, to regularly give yourself a pay rise and to feel fabulous about what you’re charging.

I teach money mindset in MMS Academy and coach in depth on this in my private coaching packages.

Here are some episodes of the podcast to give you the best mindset and practical strategies to help you confidently raise your fees and create new income streams in your business:

Episode #140- Your income is a reflection of your mindset

Episode #120- Money mindset & valuing your time

Episode #119- 3 things to let go of to increase your income

Episode #134- It’s time to raise your fees

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