How To Align With Your Big Money Goals (Mindset + Tips)

This week, I released a short podcast episode called November goals- if you haven’t already done so – go and listen to it here:

Episode #171- November goals (mindset + tips)

At the time of writing, we have two months left of this year- can you believe it? In two months today it’s Jan 1st 2022!

Last week, in our group mindset + coaching call for MMS Academy members, we coached on how to align with your end of year money goal.

Aligning with a goal means that you set yourself up for success on a practical level but from a mindset point of view, you are seeing yourself as that person, showing up as that version of yourself and making decisions from where you want to be.

If you aren’t aligned with a goal you are working towards, you will either stop yourself from getting there or push it away once you do.

There can be many reasons why we behave in seemingly self sabotaging ways but when it comes down to it, it’s mostly around what we feel safe experiencing and what we feel we deserve.

Here are 3 ways to align with your big money goals:

Get crystal clear – What is your one big end of year money goal? or money goal that you’re working on? The key here is to get crystal clear about the amount that you want to make.

Once you’re clear on the number, it’s time to CLAIM that number as your goal and let it pull you forward, this is not about being wishy washy this is about claiming and owning your goal.

Claiming and owning a goal means moving away from wishful thinking and into making a decision.

Create a next level package or offer (check out the trainings in MMS Academy called package price promote and VIP high end offers)

This is where you let it be easy for yourself. Once you’ve gotten clear on your big money goal and owned that number, it’s time to get creative about making that money

Here are some ideas for you:

A next level group or mastermind

A longer coaching package

Bundles of your products or services

VIP days and offers

Done for you services

Normalise those numbers.

(Listen to the training on normalising in MMS Academy)

A huge part of aligning with a goal is to normalise it for yourself, to get familiar with stepping into that version of yourself and being that person.

Here are some examples:

Ask yourself “If I had already made that money, what upgrades would that version of me have?” It might be replacing an old laptop, donating old clothes that don’t feel high end for you or replacing something that to have been meaning to for a while.

I’s’ also not just about going to nicer places (although that’s important) it’s about how you treat yourself when you’re at home and in your office, in your daily life.

Dressing up as that version of yourself

Creating a beautiful environment for yourself

Taking excellent care of yourself now instead of waiting until you have achieved your goal.

Eating delicious meals that are beautifully presented and feel high end

Find small and easy ways that you can start bringing that lifestyle to you NOW

Here some self coaching questions to support you with aligning with your big money goals (you can also use these with your clients if you are a coach)

What can I choose to believe about myself to claim this goal?

How can I let this be easy for myself?

What upgrades will support this?

How can I make more money in less time?

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