How To Charge More For Your Consulting Work

Whether you’re a solo consultant or part of an agency, learning to charge well for your time and regularly giving yourself a pay rise is essential for growing your business and reaching your lifestyle goals.

Here are 4 ways you can charge a lot more for your consulting work:

Half or full day VIP intensive

In MMS Academy, you get coaching and training on how to create VIP, high end offers. One of the best high end offers you can add to your business are half or full day intensives.

You can do these either online or in person and dive deep into the work you do with your clients. Focus on setting goals, mapping out strategy and creating plans. You can also create batching days where you and your client create lots of content upfront.

These intensives are an amazing way to deepen your connection with your client and help them in a much bigger way. They also add massive value to the work you are doing.

Access to an exclusive library of trainings

in MMS Private coaching, clients get access to an exclusive library of mindset coaching and business trainings that cover everything from raising your fees to creating digital products, group programs and podcasting. We add to it regularly and it’s designed to powerfully support success between coaching sessions.

What trainings, how to guides or resources can you put together to create an exclusive library for your clients?

Done for you services

Can you or someone else on your team offer some done for you services for your client? Think about additional skills or experience that you have that you can bring into your work with clients.

Perhaps it’s helping them to write some copy, map out some packages, build a website or design some branding?

Not only does this increase your income, it also helps the project to move along in a much smoother way.


Adding in coaching sessions is an amazing way to keep your client accountable, help them get crystal clear on their goals and support them in releasing limiting beliefs that can keep them stuck.

In MMS Coach Training, you’ll learn expert, proven ways of delivering powerful coaching sessions including how to structure the sessions, what questions to ask and tonnes of exercises to use.

To arrange a complimentary 30 minute call to discuss the best mindset shifts and practical steps for your business goals, please fill out this form.

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