How to confidently charge more for your services (mindset + tips)

Are you charging as much as you could be?

Do you love your current pricing?

One of the commitments I made when I started MMS was to empower and equip people to start charging well for their services, both with mindset work and practical business strategies.

Take a look at your current offers and packages, what would you like to be charging 6 months from now? A year from now?

What would you need to believe about yourself to confidently start to raise your fees?

What belief about yourself can you choose to let go of?

These are some powerful questions to think about, so take your time and explore.  If you’d like to talk about private coaching packages please fill out this form and we’ll arrange a time to speak about your goals.

Now that we’ve looked at mindset, Here’s some strategy.

These are just some of the things you can add to your packages & offers that will help your clients in a much bigger way and allow you to raise your fees easily:

Digital training products

Coaching sessions

Access to exclusive materials

High end welcome pack

Kick start call

Access to other programs that you have

Done for you services

Faster reply / turn around time

Templates to use

Access to an exclusive community or group

Accountability check ins

Email / text / voice note support

More time with you

Here’s a bonus piece for you: Think about all of the things that you are already doing as an extra but you arent formally marketing or charging for.

In MMS Academy, we coach and train you on creating high end packages and income streams in your business and give you tones of examples that you can start using right away.

To arrange a time to speak about your business and income goals, please fill out this form

Here some episodes of the podcast to support you with raising your fees and confidently charging what you’re worth:

Episode #121- Make offers in line with your income goals

Episode #139- Why you must raise your fees

Episode #79- 4 ways to make more money in your business using work you’ve already done

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