How To Follow Up With Potential Clients without Chasing (Mindset + Tips)

The fortune really is in the follow up, especially in sales.

Many business owners miss out on huge amounts of income, deals and collaborations because they don’t know how to follow up properly or because they don’t want to seem pushy or desperate.

Some common limiting beliefs about following up are:

Not knowing what to say

Assuming the client will get back to you

Not wanting to seem annoying

Not wanting to appear pushy

Not wanting to feel like you’re chasing

Not wanting to look like you need the business

What else can you think of? What comes up for you when you think about following up with a potential client?

Here’s some mindset for you:

Don’t make it about you. Connect following up with a potential client to be about the benefits of working with you

The fortune is in the follow up. So many deals and sales go through because of following up. Give yourself that gift.

Learning to follow up in an authentic and engaging way is a skill that will serve you in may areas of your life because it’s about taking a proactive approach and showing up for yourself.

If you feel like following up with someone is chasing them, being pushy or looking desperate then you are going to bring that energy into your communications. Reframe following up as an act of service both for yourself and the person or business you can potentially help.

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Here are 5 practical tips for following up with a potential client:

Set a time

If you can do so, arrange a time and date for a follow up call whilst you are speaking to your potential client and send them a calendar invite.

Always follow up via email and confirm the next call.

Opt in / subscribe

A great strategy for staying connected with a potential client is to have them opt into your newsletter for the free download or subscribe to your podcast of youtube channel.

Give them a strong reason to opt in and attach it to something related to their goal.


When following up, ask about something specific to your conversation rather than just asking if they have any feedback.

Asking engaging questions show that you listen and is far more likely to get a positive response than being general or vague.


A nice way to stay connected and offer value is to send your potential client some of your content which you think they might find helpful with a personalise note.


If you are hosting any QA calls, workshops or events, reach out to your potential clients and invite them along. Even if it’s a paid event, send them a guest pass or VIP access

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