How to get the most out of your team

Additions to your team are an asset and should be treated as such. Ideally, hire people who are experts at what they do and can actually make your business better.

Whether you’re hiring your first assistant or managing a team of several people, knowing how to get the most out of the people you hire is essential.

Here are 6 ways to get the most out of your team to move your business forward:

Create a ways of working document

You can create a ways of working document to give all team members, highlight the brand mission and values and communication style, especially on social media and when dealing with clients and customers. You can also include any information that you want team members to know when they join.

Offer strong new business incentives

Give the people who work for you strong incentives to bring in new business leads and sales. On top of paying your team well, offering strong incentives is a great way to keep people motivated and focusing on income generating activities for you.

What strong incentive can you create in your business to get your team focusing on bringing in more leads?

Let everyone use their unique strengths

When interviewing for additions to your team, look for people who have a strong connection to their own unique strengths and ask them about now they like to use them in their work and how they personally work best.

Encourage brainstorming sessions

Hiring amazing people is the first step, listening to them is the second.

At least once a week, arrange a brainstorming session for your team, ask people to share their ideas and suggestions and agree some clear next steps.

Live updates & reporting

Introduce using shared documents that team members can update at set times so that you can see what they ARE working on and how things are moving along.

Listen & offer support

Organise regular check ins with team members to listen to what they have to share and offer them support where needed. When people feel heard and supported, they’re much more likely to do an excellent job for you.

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