How to go past your money ceiling and get unstuck (mindset + tips)

Feeling stuck?

Maybe your income has plateaued at a certain level or your sales seem to be hovering just below where you want them to be? Perhaps you’ve experienced a surge of growth, smashed your goals and now things feel…flat.

Your “money ceiling” is the amount that you energetically feel is your limit (think of it like your financial comfort zone) and any time you get near that point, things seem to stop.

In MMS Academy, you get specific training sessions on raising your money ceiling and normalising the income level that you want for yourself.

The truth is, feeling stuck is really about getting back into alignment with what it is that you want, both on a mindset level and a practical action place as well.

For example, if you aren’t signing on clients for the amounts that you would like to be, it could be because you have some money beliefs to clear up around how much you believe you are worth and how much it is safe or you to charge. Maybe you think its wrong to charge more than a certain amount or people will think you’re a rip off or your sister will laugh at you.

By getting your mindset into alignment and then taking action from that place, you’ll move through any feelings of being stuck and into the place you want to be in.


Get crystal clear about what your next level looks like

Your daily habits and beliefs about yourself got you to exactly this point, so please take a few moments and praise yourself, celebrate your successes and how far you’ve come and think about how incredibly powerful your mind is because it literally got you to exactly where you are right now.

So what do you want next for yourself? Instead of focusing on where you don’t want to be or where you feel stuck, gently move your focus to where you DO want to be, get crystal clear on what those numbers look like and write them down.

How you see yourself

In MMS Private coaching, we always start with mindset and identity work first.

When it comes to your income, sales, savings etc, you will always create in accordance with what you believe about yourself. If you see yourself as someone who easily makes great money and achieves their goals, then that is what will be true for you.

Think about the area that you’re feeling stuck with, what do you need to believe about yourself to easily go to your next level?

As a person who was at that level, what would your self talk be like?

Let go to grow

What do you need to let go of to go to your next level? An old belief about yourself? A way of working with clients that you’ve out grown? Worrying what a certain person will think or say?

Take a moment and meditate on this powerful question “What do I need to let go of to go to my next level?”



Any time you feel stuck, notice what isn’t in alignment for you and what can do with an upgrade.

Maybe it’s time to raise your fees, introduce some new high end packages in your business and set some fresh new goals for yourself and your business.

If you’re feeling stuck with your income, raising your fees and upgrading your packages and offers is a fabulous way of making more money in less time and expaning your idea of what is possible for yourself.

Here is a podcast episode to support you in raising your fees:

Episode #139- Why you must raise your fees

Work smarter

Going to your next level isn’t about working more or even doing more. It’s about working smarter and being more streamlined and strategic with the actions that you take.

How can you upgrade your ways of working ? Where can you automate some of the client experience or take things off of your plate that feel draining?

When it comes to making offers, one of the best ways of working smarter is to make offers that are in line with yuor income goals, here’s a podcast episode to support you with that:

Episode #148- Make offers in line with your income goals


Any time you go to a new level in your business, leverage work you’ve already done into brand assets that will serve you and your goals now.

Here’s a podcast episode to support you in developing a leverage mindset:

Episode #79- 4 ways to make more money in your business using work you’ve already done

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