How To Meet The Right People At The Right Time (Mindset + Tips)

We hear so much about meeting the right people at the right time as if it’s some kind of mystical lottery system that we hope to win. A chance encounter lands us a fabulous new client, a random meeting leads to a huge sale or a casual conversation changes our business forever but what if you could take a proactive approach to meeting the right people at the right time?

Well, you can.

It starts with moving away from wishful thinking and into making a decision to be the right person and making the right time.

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Think about the following questions:

If you met an ideal client at a dinner party or on a plane, how easy would it be for you to sign them up?

If you got a call tomorrow to speak at an event or retreat, do you have everything ready to go ? How confident are you?

If a journalist called you this afternoon and asked you to go on the news to comment about a subject in your industry – do you look and feel camera ready?

Imagine you’re an actor and your dream is to work with a certain director – you suddenly meet them at an industry event, they like you and ask you to come in the net day and read for a part – are you physically and mentally prepared?

Sometimes it’s not about waiting for situations to line up but instead about lining yourself up with what you want.

Here are 4 ways to meet the right people at the right time:

Surround yourself with the right people

Where do the people that represent your goal go ? Where are you ideal clients?

With most of the world having moved online in the last 18 months, networking doesn’t just need to be in person now.

Be around the right type of people whether it’s your ideal clients, journalists or people you want to network with.

Prepare for who you need to be

What skills do you need to learn and practice?

If your goal is to start speaking at events to grow your audience- are you practicing your talk? Do you have your presentation skills down?

Think about athletes- they train all year for sometimes a single day or opportunity because they want to always be ready.

If someone were to offer you an amazing opportunity that you’ve been waiting for right now, would you be ready?

When thinking about your goals, are you trained or untrained?

Make it easy

You can literally meet your next big client or customer anywhere, have you made it easy for yourself (and them) to sign up with you?

Have payment or sign up links ready to send via email or text.

Have information about your packages and services saved to your phone or links ready to go – remember, make this easy for yourself.

Whatever your goal is, ask yourself how you can make it easy for yourself to have everything you need ready to go.

Here are some Coaching questions to ask yourself (you can also use these with your clients as well if you’re a coach)

Am I ready for what I want?

How can I prepare for what I want?

How can I be the right person for this role?

What support can I get?

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