How to reset your money mindset & manifest your goals

Does your money mindset need a reset & refocus? 

Do you have a daily, focused ritual for upgrading your money mindset & staying in an abundance vibe? 

I’ve been coaching people on their money mindset for over 10 years now and one of the best ways to get your mindset back on track so that you are manifesting your goals and taking inspired action is to create a daily, focused ritual for yourself. 

Here’s the thing. Upgrading your money mindset i absolutely something that you can do and it’s really not a big mystery or only something other people can do!

Where i see a lot of people getting stuck is doing something a few times and then stopping or thinking that they have to take big overwhelming steps. The key here is in small, consistent actions that add up.

Some of my favourite daily habits for upgrading and maintaining your money mindset are:

Setting time aside each day to actively work on your money mindset

Daily gratitude & self praise

Taking action each day from where you want to be

Daily affirmations and positive self talk

Saying no and making space for more of what you do want

In Manifest Money Like A Boss, you’ll get a daily piece of money coaching plus a personal power action to get you and keep you, in an abundance mindset. 

These are also some of the same daily habits that I used to create my first $10,000 week and sign up my first high ticket coaching clients and now coach my private clients on as well. 

You’ll also get access to some of my favourite money affirmations that I use and two mindset classes to keep you on track. 

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