3 ways to set powerful money goals that motivate you

One of my favourite things to coach clients on is setting powerful money goals and coaching them to get crystal clear about what they want for themselves and their business.

in MMS Academy, we give you specific trainings and coaching materials to help you set powerful money goals that feel exciting and inspiring for you.

Setting goals is like getting into a taxi, you want to make sure you know exactly where you want to go in mind otherwise you can waste a lot of time. Setting clear goals that motivate and inspire you is essential for pulling you forward, especially when you are pushing through your comfort zone.

I recommend writing your goals down somewhere that you will see often and going over them each day to keep yourself accountable and on moving forward.

I also recommend creating what I call a sacred goal setting ritual and making it a special occasion for yourself. Take yourself somewhere special or create a sacred space at home, get a beautiful journal or vision board ready, light some candles and do whatever is meaningful for you.

Here are 3 ways to set powerful money goals:


When setting money goals, always embrace an upgrade mindset. What does your next level look like for you ? If you upgraded your income and savings, what would they look like?

The key is to make it a doable stretch and to regularly raise what I call your money ceiling (we teach you how to raise your money ceiling in MMS Academy)

Once you’ve upgraded your idea of what is possible for yourself, normalise it and then upgrade it again.

On a scale from 1-10 (1 being not really an upgrade and 10 being a powerful upgrade) how would you rate your goal now? What can you do to move the number up to at least an 8?


What excites you? What makes you feel inspired and motivated to take action?

When setting your money goals, always connect to why the goal excites you and the part of it that motivates you to take action. This will be extremely useful for keeping your momentum going, espcially when you may not feel like it or you encounter a challenge or setback.

Here are three podcast episodes to support you with staying motivated:

Episode #142- Motivation vs Discipline

Episode #135- How to show up for yourself & your goals 100%

Episode #106- How to get your FIRE back! (save this episode!)

On a scale from 1-10 (1 being not excited and 10 being very excited) how would you rate your goal now? What can you do to move the number up to at least an 8?


A powerful goal should feel authentic to you and what you really want. Not what you think you should want or what someone else has told you to want but what you actually want for yourself.

I’ve used this example many times in classes: Setting a goal to buy a sports car wouldn’t inspire or motivate me because a. I never learned how to drive and b. I am not interested in cars. What does motivate me are things like art, travel, a beautiful home with a sea view, the freedom to work when I want and lots of down time.

What feels authentic for you? What do you love?

When setting your goals, always make sure you are being authentic and connecting to what you really want.

On a scale from 1-10 (1 being not authentic and 10 being very authentic) how would you rate your goal now? What can you do to move the number up to at least an 8?

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