How To Stay Focused On Your Goals (even when you don’t feel like it!)

In MMS Academy, we train you on setting powerful goals that excite you and coach you on staying motivated and on track, even when you don’t feel like it.

Where most people go wrong with goals is assuming that just thinking about them and taking action on them when they feel like it is enough- it isn’t.

To achieve your goals and create the life and business that you want for yourself, you must get crystal clear about what it is you want, take consistent action and see yourself as someone who can have what they want.

In MMS Private coaching, we map out a plan for your goals with you and coach you to stay accountable and moving forward consistently so that your own “stuff” doesn’t get in the way of your progress. (Please fill out this form if you’d like to discuss the different coaching packages that we offer)

Here are 3 strategies and some podcast episodes to support you in staying motivated and focused on your goals (even when you might not feel like it)

Create a vision board

Create a beautiful ritual for yourself and make this a special occasion. Play some music that makes you feel fabulous, dress up if you like and create a vision board with pictures that represent your goals. Put this somewhere you’ll see it everyday to keep you motivated and moving forward.

Remember your WHY

Once the initial motivation wears off, it’s crucial that you can connect to the reason that excites you about your goal. A great strategy to keep you motivated is to journal about your goals and why they excite you, why they are important to you and why you must achieve them.

Create habits that are in line with your goals

Nearly everything in your life now is the result of your daily habits leading up to this point. Your bank account, your fitness level, your business growth, all of it is the result of the daily habits that you have (or haven’t) been cultivating up until this very moment.

Ask yourself “If this goal were already true for me, what would my daily habits be?”

Start to cultivate daily, consistent habits that are in line with your big goal and book them in your calendar like appointments that can’t be missed.

Here are some episodes of the podcast so support you in staying motivated and on track with your goals, especially at this time!

To arrange a complimentary 30 minute call to discuss the best mindset shifts and practical steps for your goals, please fill out this form

Episode #157- 3 ways to make the rest of the year amazing

Episode #150- Your 2021 goals

Episode #142- Motivation vs Discipline

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