How to tell your clients that you are raising your fees (mindset + tips)

You’ve decided to raise your fees (well done!)

Once you make the decision to raise your fees and give yourself a much deserved pay rise, the next steps are telling your clients and customers about it and of course, making the changes.

In case you need a mindset boost, here are some episodes of the podcast to support you in raising your fees and charging more for your work:

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Now, let’s look at some practical ways you can let your clients and customers know.

Here are 5 ways to tell your clients that you are raising your fees

Align your mindset first

Everything starts with mindset.

Align your mindset with your new pricing and seeing yourself as deserving of these numbers, practice saying your new fees so that the first time you say your new numbers isn’t with a potential client.

What would you need to believe about yourself to confidently tell your clients that you are raising your fees?

What can you tell yourself to see yourself as someone who easily and comfortably raises their pricing?

In MMS Academy, we coach and train you on raising your fees, feeling comfortable talking about your rates and train you in specific ways you can easily communicate those numbers with confidence and ease.

Use empowered money language

When discussing your fees avoid using apologetic language. You have nothing to apologise for. Instead, use language that normalises the new fee rather than making a big deal about it.

Instead of saying “higher” or “more” when discussing your fees, simply say “My / our new fees are…”

Give a clear date with notice

When letting your clients and customers know about your new fee structure or rates, give them enough time to make any arrangements on their end like getting extra budget signed off or moving money.

Giving your clients a clear date when your new fees are taking effect also gives you the chance to answer any questions they might have as well.

Offer clients the chance to lock in your current rates now

Raising your fees is also a great motivator for clients who will want to lock in your current rates now.

When letting current or potential clients know about your new fees, give them the chance to lock in your current rates now. Not only does this give them a strong incentive to make a decision, it also gives you leverage to initiate conversations.

Make it about them

When talking about your new fees, it can be tempting to want to talk about upgrading your mindset, getting more experience etc. Don’t.

Avoid going into justification or making about yourself. Focus on the benefits to your clients, the upgraded service, the increased value.

For more tips and mindset about different ways to tell your clients that you’re raising your fees, check out this podcast episode:

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