Make sure you have these in all your client agreements (checklist for you)

In MMS Academy, we give you tonnes of mindset coaching and practical training on building a lucrative business and running that business in a way that works for you.

One of the best things you can do to protect yourself and help your clients in getting the most out of their time with you is to ensure that you have clear agreements.

Here are 12 things to make sure you include (and regularly upgrade) in your client agreements:

Payment terms

When was the last time you upgraded your payment terms? If you are offering services like private coaching or access to online materials and group work, payment up front is a great way to go. You can inspire more pay in full clients by offering a nice bonus.

If you are offering payment plans, make sure you are setting the terms to work for you (in MMS Academy, you’ll get specific trainings on handling payment issues with clients and pricing your services in a way that works for you)

If your business does invoiced based work, then take a look at your terms on those and make sure they are working for you.

What you client needs to do

Your agreements should also cover what your client needs to do on their end and what is expected of them. You can include things like coming to session on time, doing the agreed assignments or prep work, behaving in a respectful and professional manner etc.

Session times

How long do your sessions last? Are you setting your session times to fir in with your schedule and how you work best? In MMS Coach training, you’ll get specific training modules on setting the best session times for your business and ending your sessions on time.

Wait times

How long do you want to wait for your clients to show up? If your 60 minute session, appointment or meeting starts at 2 and your client arrives or logs in at 2.15, do you have a clear boundary in place to manage your time and energy?

Cancellation policy

Do you have a clearly written policy for cancelling or wanting to reschedule appointments or sessions? How much notice feels good for you to require? Whilst it’s understandable that things can sometimes happen, you deserve to have your time respected and paid for, especially when it comes to work that has been booked in.

Delivery times

Once a client pays for their product or service, does the time frame involved work for you ? Make sure that you are setting delivery times that work for both you and your client. Your agreements should clearly explain what happens after payment is made and what the nest steps from their end are.

Refund policy

What do you want your refund policy to be ? However you set the policies in your business, make sue that they work for you and your business model.

Intellectual property

There may be a portion of your work (like classes, workshops etc) that clients are encouraged to use and learn from but not copy or reuse as their own. Take a look at the materials that you share with clients as part of their work with you and get clear on what your boundaries around intellectual property are.

Contactable hours

With certain client work, it’s understandable that they might need to contact you between sessions or to check in on certain things. Offering different levels of contact depending on the package theyre on is a good move, espcially if you offer coaching or consulting.

Another strategy is to make sure that you clearly outline your expected reply times and hours that you are contactable. This sets expectations up front and allows you to enjoy down time.

What happens when…

Any time you set a boundary, it’s important to also explain clearly what happens if that boundary is not respected to maintained.

For example, to reserve time in your schedule for a coaching session or strategy call, payment needs to be made when booking the appointment, if payment is not made then we are unable to reserve the space for you.

You can use language that highlights the benefits to the client as well, another example “In order to get the most out of our work together, please make sure that you show up on time for our calls, I am able to wait x minutes, after that I may need to end the call and the time taken off your account”

Clearly explaining what happens next means that you always have something to refer back to if needed.

Access information

If you run training programs, how long do you give participants access to the materials for? Perhaps your one on one work includes access to some extra materials to support your client, if so, are you clear on how long access to those materials is granted?

Reviews / redo’s

Some services will naturally include looking things over and redoing them to suit the clients taste etc- make sure you put a clear boundary around how many reviews and redo’s your package includes and give options for investing in more if necessary.

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