Would you love to create a lucrative,  highly profitable business that suits your lifestyle? 

Well, you’re in the right place ;) 

MMS Academy is a specialist, online school & community for entrepreneurs who want to create a lucrative business and lifestyle on their terms. 

We combine powerful mindset coaching with practical business training, done for you content and examples so you can hit the ground running signing on new, high end clients and launching lucrative programs. 

When you enrol, you'll have  access to a library of training modules and sessions that you can connect to in your own time, at your own pace and in a way that suits your lifestyle and schedule.

Here’s a look at just some of the amazing trainings Included:

All of the business trainings inside of MMS Academy are designed to perfectly support you in building a high end brand and business. You'll learn timeless, simple yet very effective ways of networking with the right people, building long term, mutually beneficial business relationships and setting yourself and your brand up for success. . 

Set yourself up for success

Take control of your time & schedule

Build long term high end business relationships 

Own your place in the market without apology

Run your business with a high end mindset

 Plus MUCH more

Our high end business trainings perfectly empower and equip you to: 

high end business training

Eliminate distractions & get focused

Set and maintain healthy, confident boundaries 

Take yourself & your brand to the next level 

Have confident business & money conversations

Make decisions from your next level self


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Everything starts with your mindset and what you believe about yourself. All of the mindset modules inside of MMS Academy are specifically designed to get you taking action from where you want to be, releasing old and limiting beliefs and adopting a fresh, new and empowered mindset that supports your goals and success.

step into a fresh, new version of yourself

All of the coaching modules are designed to get you into action rather than overthinking or analysing. 

Release limiting beliefs about yourself 

Step into your power with money & business

Expand your idea of what's possible for you 

Start living your dream life 

Take powerful steps forward with confidence 

Own your worth 

You'll love the mindset coaching in MMS Academy that perfectly supports you to: 


Monetise your gifts and experience 

Upgrade your self image & self worth 

Step into a delicious, new money story 

Get comfortable charging & making a lot more money 

Release old patterns & heal money trauma

Plus MUCH more 

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Take the overwhelm out of your business and let it be easy and lucrative!

All of the trainings inside of MMS Academy focus on what we call a "low tech, high income" approach. There are no complicated funnels to learn, no new platforms to master and no endless posting on social media.

let it be easy +lucrative

You'll love how easy and refreshing it feels to take the overwhelm out and focus on doing things that work.


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Once inside MMS Academy, you'll be able to access to training materials, modules & group calls from anywhere in the world! 

Whether you are travelling for work, on vacation, working from the beach or sat by the pool, you can connect to the materials and use them at a pace that suits you and your goals.


As you’re learning, you’ll have access to extremely high value resources and done for you templates and content that you can use in your own business as well. 


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As a member of MMS Academy, you get 1 year access to our weekly group mindset + strategy coaching calls and the entire library of call recordings.  

These calls are a fabulous way to stay connected and stay inspired and motivated for the week ahead. 

Resources + done for you content, ready to go!

You'll love the huge selection of topics that are taught on these calls, whether you are brand new or more advanced, you''ll get gold nuggets to use in your own life and business!


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Sales are the life and soul of running a lucrative business.

Inside MMS Academy, we coach and train you differently than anywhere else. You'll learn how to see marketing and sales in a completing different way, take the overwhelm and pressure out and focus on it being easy, authentic and mutually beneficial. 


As you’re learning, you’ll have access to extremely high value resources and done for you templates and content that you can use as your own.

Promote your brand in an authentic, effective way 

Get comfortable talking about money 

Release old limiting beliefs about marketing & sales  

Confidently make offers to the right clients, in the right way. without pushing, forcing or convincing

You'll love learning a new approach to sales and marketing that perfectly supports you to: 


Handle discovery sessions with confidence and ease

Enrol new, high end clients in ways that feel authentic and fun (yes, fun!) 

Focus on connection over convincing 

Highlight your expertise without competing 

Plus MUCH more 

Frequently asked questions:

Does it matter what level of business I’m at?

All are welcome, if you’re new in business then you’ll learn some powerful steps to take to get things moving quickly for you and if you already have an established business, MMS Academy will be perfect to give you lots of training to take things to the next level, both with your mindset and your income

How do I know if I’m ready to enroll?

If you have a desire to make an impact with your work, create a fabulous lifestyle and income for yourself and want to release limiting beliefs about yourself and money whilst following practical business mentoring, you’re ready! 

Will I have to learn a lot of social media strategies & new software?

No! MMS Academy teaches low tech, high income strategies that you can use in your lifestyle business without having to learn complicated new software or social media strategies. 

How long does my tuition cover me for?

When you join MMS Academy, you get LIFETIME access to all of the training modules, bonus sessions and all additional updates and materials that are added

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