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Powerful Money Mindset for Entrepreneurs

Do you feel like you’re on the cusp of a major breakthrough in your business, but there’s something holding you back but you’re not sure what it is?

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Everything You Need to Know About Money if You’re Going Freelance

Becoming self-employed doesn’t have to be a hopeless fantasy – but you do need to learn how to balance your books.

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How you and your employees can take time off work without risking your business

Learn my top tips for how business owners can take a break.

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Money Mindset and Strategy

As the world slowly comes back to life after being in limbo for what feels like forever, we thought it was an ideal time to sit down and talk about the best way to navigate the current time.


20 Best Business Coaching Podcasts for 2021

Becoming self-employed doesn’t have to be a hopeless fantasy – but you do need to learn how to balance your books.

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Money Mindset

From creating multiple streams of income to navigating the current business climate, learn more about the importance of your money mindset.


Feeling Fraudulent: The UK Business Owners Tackling Imposter Syndrome

Learn to control your thoughts and reduce or eliminate feelings of imposter syndrome altogether.


Meet the People Writing Their Own Success Story

With Every Stage of Life, Priorities Change. Success Isn’t Always a Suited and Booted Office Job Sometimes You Have to Take a Different Route

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Boost your Media Coverage? Ideas for Creating News Stories Journalists Will Love

PR News stories are a great way to get coverage in the press and media.


7 Ways To Generate Extra Income From Your Home Business

The best, most simple ways you can generate extra income from your home business


Money Mindset and Abundance

How our sense of self worth and limiting beliefs can hold us back. There are tips for reframing those old beliefs around money. 

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Inspiring small businesses: Joseph James Mentoring

By bringing you closer to these inspiring businesses we hope that you find motivation, tips and ideas for building yours.


5 Secrets To Changing Your Money Mindset And Charging Your Worth

The first thing to realise about your money mindset is that you can begin to change it as soon as you decide to do so.




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