How to stop procrastinating + move forward (mindset + tips)

Is there a project that you’d love to move forward but aren’t but somehow it feels stuck? Do you have a big goal that you keep meaning to take action on but somehow things get in the way?

Maybe you’ve been meaning to do something important for a while or make a little progress and then stop.

We could spend hours going into the many reasons why we procrastinate so to make things easier, let’s get right to the point.

Here are 4 ways to stop procrastinating and get things moving now:

Manage your self talk

When you find yourself procrastinating about a task or a step towards a goal, how are you talking to yourself?

The most important voice you will ever hear is the one in your own mind so give yourself the gift of speaking kindly to yourself and in a way that empowers you. If you keep reminding yourself of all the things you still haven’t done or scare yourself by thinking about worse case scenarios, you really aren’t setting yourself up for the success that you want.

What messages do you need to hear? What validation are you waiting for from the outside? Give that to yourself.

Here’s a podcast episode to support you with cultivating loving self talk:

Episode #117- The power of self praise & your money mindset

Stop shoulding all over yourself

Stop telling yourself what you “should” be doing- using the word should creates feelings of pressure and guilt. Instead, choose to do things and connect to the reason why.

“I should write some of my book today” becomes “I’m choosing to write more of my book today because i can’t wait to get it finished!”

Consciously choose to do things and connect to why.

Here’s a podcast episode to help you reframe the word should:

Episode #105- Stop “shoulding” all over your money goals

Action over emotions

Instead of waiting to feel ready or motivated before doing something, choose to take action regardless of how you feel. Olympic athletes train regardless of how they do or don’t feel because training is what gets them to their goals.

If you wait for something outside of yourself to give you a thumbs up to go ahead, you’re going to be waiting a long time.

Choose action over emotions, choose to take action on your goal regardless of how you feel and embrace the mindset of action over emotions.

Here’s a podcast episode to support you with taking action:

Episode #142- Motivation vs Discipline


Once you make a commitment with someone else to have something done at a certain time, you take it from just being in your head to something that involves someone else’s time and energy as well.

In MMS Private coaching, we set clear and actionable next steps and then hold you accountable to getting those things done so that you own “stuff” doesn’t get in the way of your progress.

To arrange a complimentary 30 minute call to discuss the best mindset shifts and practical steps that you can take to stop procrastinating and move forward with your goals, please fill out this form

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