The New Years Edit (Resources for you & your team)

Happy New Year!

Whether you want to raise your fees in 2022, set up multiple income streams or simply feel confident charging more for your services, the following resources will give you tones of mindset shifts and practical tips you can easily use to move forward with your goals. Do feel free to send this email to friend or colleagues who could do with a money mindset boost for 2022.

Let’s begin…

9 easy ways to generate more high end leads in 2022

3 simple steps to raising your fees in 2022

Lucrative new income streams to add to your brand in 2022

How to get the most out of your team in 2022

How to tell your clients that you’re raising your fees in 2022

7 ways to upgrade your business model in 2022

5 marketing ideas to keep your audience engaged in 2022

How to develop radiant self esteem this year

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