Your Next Client is Right in Front of You… Pay Attention!

Yesterday, I went for a coffee near my apartment and walked around a lovely little antiques market that they have once a week, I collect art and often see some really gorgeous deuces there. 

As I was browsing, I can across a 50’s pin up style piece that really caught my eye. It was exactly the sort of thing I was looking for and I could visualize exactly where I would put it in my apartment. 

The problem was… the guy who was selling it wasn’t at his stall. 

I asked a near by vendor if he was able to help and he said the best he could tell me was that the man had gone to get something and would be back soon. 

So I waited….. and waited……and waited. 

It started to rain so I decided to go back home and looked for a business card or at least a website address visible somewhere so that I could get in touch about the piece I wanted to purchase. There was nothing. 

I even asked if anyone knew if he had a website and the guy shrugged his shoulders and said no. 

I was ready to buy in that moment and he had exactly what I was looking for, the problem was, he wasn’t actually present for me to buy from and didn’t have any details about how I could contact him. 

There is a powerful lesson here. 

There are people who are actively looking for what it is you are offering, they are looking for it and they are ready to make that step in working with someone who does exactly what you do or has exactly what you have to offer. 

Are you present?  Are you paying attention?

Are your details easy to find to contact you about working together? 

The same applies to life, the things that you want to manifest in your life or business right now are waiting for you buttery often we aren’t paying close enough attention to notice that the next step is actually right in front of us. 

The lesson? Be present to people in your environment who want or need what you offer and reach out or reply to them, make working with you or engaging with you an easy and clear process. Pay attention to the opportunities around you. 

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